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Proevent is the leading Slovenian company in the field of setting up fair constructions and exhibition spaces, as evidenced by numerous reference projects and positive feedback from our clients. We have years of experience in participation in many domestic and foreign fairs, numerous projects with various clients and related analyses and research.

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Surprise your visitors, competing companies and other exhibitors at the fair with a creative and imaginative layout of the exhibition space. Become noticeable and rise above the gray mediocrity of boring and visitor-unfriendly showrooms. You will be amazed at the response and effect that your personnel will achieve in the showroom as a result.


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When setting up exhibition spaces of all kinds, the Proevent team takes care of comprehensive fair engineering, which includes:

  • consulting with regard to the visuality of the exhibition space,
  • sketch of the exhibition space,
  • consulting on the choice of fair materials (Octanorm, Meroform, Maxima, carpentry, etc.)
  • consulting on the set of additional equipment and arrangement of the exhibition space,
  • providing the necessary graphic elements, painting works, stage layout,
  • cleaning the exhibition space during assembly, event and disassembly,
  • arranging transportation and other project-specific needs.
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Tim Trojar Vidmar

Ko obiščete našo spletno stran, lahko prek vašega brskalnika shranjujemo podatke iz določenih storitev, običajno v obliki piškotkov. Tu lahko spremenite svoje nastavitve zasebnosti. Upoštevajte, da lahko blokiranje nekaterih vrst piškotkov vpliva na vašo izkušnjo na naši spletni strani in storitvah, ki jih ponujamo.