The company Proevent d. . . was founded in 1994. In over 25 years, we went from a leading company in setting up fair constructions andrental of event equipment in Slovenia and abroad to a company with a long-term and comprehensive fair implementation vision – from idea to perfection. We are driven by our desire to support sustainable and responsible social projects, which creates quality products, gives an authentic experience, and at the same time educates and improves the quality of everyday life. To us, event organization is a story we write together with a team of top experts, both for our recognizable brands and for the big brands of our clients.

Because integration and development are of key importance in our company, we are also recognizable as a company with a reputable Proevent accounting service. We offer accounting services to many companies in Slovenia and abroad. As part of our accounting service, we have established a SPOT point, which means that we help you with your first steps when starting a business, and a service for foreign citizens, where we successfully solve every procedure for obtaining a single work and residence permit, blue card and temporary residence permit due to family reunification and studies with the help of our vastly experienced experts.

Since time is a unit that we can measure but cannot stop, we fully adapted to the situation in 2020 and established two more branches that grew out of our technical and marketing personnel – these are Proevent moving service and the Proevent+ marketing agency. This proves that we are excellent when it comes to organization and adaptation, and above all that we are people who know how to help each other. We believe in networking, so we can assist you in any area you might need help in.

Janez Levec
Company Director



Our company is the strong Proevent umbrella brand, strengthened by various branches of services, such as event organization, accounting service, setting up fairs, marketing agency, moving service and equipment rental. Our vision is to be the leading company in Slovenia in the field of event organization and comprehensive fair solutions. It is also our vision to be one of the largest and leading companies in the provision of accounting services, moving services and as a marketing agency.


Our motto is WE UNITE PEOPLE. With many years of experience, acquired knowledge and trust, we develop quality services with which we offer clients and entrepreneurs comprehensive business solutions and provide customers with satisfaction and a genuine business relationship. Through various services within our company, we lend our hand and try to connect people in all the best areas that intertwine.


For us, being the best at connecting means to be the best in all areas. With a quick response and the ability to adapt, we overcome the obstacles posed to us by various market and regulatory requirements. We know how to deal with any challenges – regardless of the size and venue of the project. With flexible solutions we know how to meet the expectations of partners, customers and clients.

First and foremost, strong and positive interpersonal relationships within the team are extremely important to us, as we are aware that the team must first become a cohesive unit internally so that we can build the best relationships externally with all our partners as well. We are aware that we are all just human and that an always honest attitude is the first foundation of further growth, both privately and in the business world.


Company strategy means vision realization and ours is based on principles of sustainable developmentand is reflected in care for our employees. In the company we want to be professionally trained to implement the set goals. We want to expand and employ qualified and motivated staff and we also strive for regular additional education. Our values are satisfied customers who trust us. Neprestano uvajamo nova znanja v prakso. We are accurate and we are the best. Because we connect people on the outside, team spirit is also what we’re all about.



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Janez Levec
Company director
Tihomir Kovačič
Executive director
Tim Trojar Vidmar
Technical director
Melita Remškar
Projects director
Irena Vodušek
Accounting director
Peter Čampa
Technical department manager


Company name: PROEVENT družba za opravljanje storitev, d. . .

Company short name: PROEVENT d. . .

Website: www.proevent.si

VAT ID: SI68557027

Registration No.: 5879264

Bank account No.: 02922-0253947159

Bank: Nova ljubljanska banka, d. d.


IBAN: SI56029220253947159

Slovenian Field of Activity No.: 82.300 (organiziranje razstav, sejmov, srečanj …)

Founding Capital: 12.774,00 EUR

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